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How to Setup OKTA Verify- PRESS Access
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All Pre-Air or exclusive access requires enrollment in Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) by OKTA Verify on a mobile device.

OKTA Verify Requirements and download links (Aug 2022)

Apple (mobile/iPad)- iOS 14.0 or later

Android (mobile, tablet) - Android 7.0

*OKTA Verify for desktop is not compatible at this time.

If you do not have a mobile device which meets system requirements, please reach out to your Rep or Contact for assistance.


For optimal results, please ensure your mobile device has completed all required system/ app updates,  time zone is set to 'Automatic' and notifications are enabled.

If you have not yet enrolled in OKTA Verify for WBD Screeners or WB/HBO powered press sites, you will need to complete the steps below to view the content. This process will only need to be completed once, unless you no longer have access to your designated mobile device.

  • Navigate to WBD Screeners or the site associated with your access and enter your login information (please refer to your confirmation email/invite regarding access, not your password reset email).
  • Access the content link sent to you or search for the title. If it requires Multi-Factor Authentication, you may notice a Lock symbol alongside the video.
  • Press Play. The video player will open and you will be greeted with a message regarding OKTA. 
  • Approve push notification sent to your mobile device via OKTA verify. Press Yes it's Me.
  • Once accepted, the content will resume playing via WBD Screeners or your approved access site.


If you do not have a profile in OKTA Verify, please refer to the email sent to you with your unique OKTA link + note on screen. You MUST access this link within 10 minutes or it will expire. This link will add your profile in the OKTA app for you.

If you are not receiving the OKTA email, please reach out to WBD Screeners Support or your Rep/Contact.










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