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How to Setup OKTA Verify- PRESS Access

Our WM Press site, and press sites powered by, use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) by OKTA Verify

For Press accessing MFA protected content via 

Note:  MFA Protected content requires installing the Okta Verify app on a compatible mobile device ( iOS 13 / Android 7.0). You will only need to repeat this step if you were to delete the Okta App or update your phone.

It is recommended to use your primary smart phone ( iOS 13 / Android 7.0). You will receive the MFA push notifications through this device.  Please ensure your device's time zone is set to 'Automatic'.

When you log into the press site and play MFA protected content, you will see an alert that an email is being sent to your account. Direct to your email which asks you to download the OKTA verify app on your mobile device.Once downloaded, click the link (step 2) within the email before it expires (10 min)-- this will open the app and take you through the setup steps, including enabling notifications.

The last step will have a button which says 'ADD ACCOUNT' -- press this and your email address should then appear in the OKTA Verify app, along with a sequence of numbers above it. Now that your account is synced, when you log into the site or app and press play, it will pause to send your mobile device a notification. Press 'yes' on your mobile device to verify it is you and on the site, your content will resume.*note: you do not need to enter the numbers in OKTA via the press site to access.

  If you are still having issues or your MFA enrollment link has expired, reach out to your WM Contact or WM Support.