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How to Setup OKTA Verify- PRESS Access

**All Pre-Air or exclusive access requires enrollment in Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) by OKTA Verify on a mobile device.** **OKTA Verify Requirements and download links (Aug 2022)** [Apple (mobile/iPad)- iOS 14.0 or later][1] [Android (mobile, tablet) - Android 7.0][2] _*OKTA Verify for desktop is not compati…

Register or Reset OKTA for WM Employees

This tutorial explains how to setup/reset OKTA Verify. If you are a Warner Media employee who has access to in-release movies or TV pilots. Then, you are required to use OKTA Verify for multi-factor authentication (MFA). If you've recently gotten a new phone, you'll have to reset OKTA Verify. Note: RSA is not the same…

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