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Playback Issues (Video Won't Play or Quality is poor)
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To help us troubleshoot please consider the following items before submitting a ticket:


App Streaming Settings - We want to be conscious of user's data plans and that means by default we restrict streaming and download to WIFI only and we warn you when you are using "cellular" data only.  Both of these settings can be changed in the "Settings" section under the "Streaming and Download" preferences section.  Just toggle each setting to your preferred policy.


Supported Operating Systems - Our app uses new technology for DRM (Digital Rights Management) and as such we only support some of the most recent Operating Systems including: 


  • Android (Phone & Tablet): Android 5.0 or newer
  • iPhone: 11.2 or newer
  • iPad: 11.4 or newer
  • tvOS: Apple TV HD (Model #A1625) and Apple TV 4K (Model #A1842)
  • Roku:  Roku Ulta LT (Model #4662RW) or newer
  • Desktop App: macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or newer


Please note that while we officially only support the above operating systems, our apps may still function on older devices and operating systems.  We cannot, however, support these devices because they will not support all functions of our app.  If you fall under this category we are deeply sorry and we suggest that you try the portal.


Internet Connection Speed - All of our video streams are encoded for "Adaptive Bit Rates (ABR)" which means the quality of the stream can fluctuate with the speed of your internet connection.  For example, if you are on a high speed wifi connection at work you will most likely see our highest quality 1080p stream but if you were in a remote part of the country using only a weak cellular connection you would see our lower bandwidth stream. 


Submit a Ticket - If all of the above items do not apply to you and you are still experiencing playback issues please submit a ticket and let us know what piece of content you were trying to watch. You might have discovered a poorly encoded video or a bug in our video player.



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