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How do I reset my password?
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There are different ways to reset your password depending on whether or not you are a Business-to-Business (B2B) client or a Time Warner Employee/Internal (Warner Bros., HBO, Turner, etc.).




If you are a B2B client it is very easy to reset your password.  Click the "Forgot Password" link on login page of the WM Screeners app (WBTVD) or on the B2B site, Below are frame grabs from both the Mobile app and





As an Internal/Employee, please note: password resets cannot be initiated using or via WBTVD Support.  You must change your password on your local machine or use the following resources below:



If you have already registered for the online password reset portal that Time Warner has set up for all divisions, you can access that portal by going to:

*You MUST be connected to VPN/Network in order to access above link.


BY TELEPHONE (Warner Bros. only)

Warner Bros employees can call 4HELP (818-954-4357) to reset their password.



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