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WM Screeners Desktop App for Mac

Please note: To install the WM Screeners app, your system must meet the minimum OS requirements of 10.15 + ( Catalina or newer). If your system OS is due for an update or upgrade, you may find more information on how to update your OS for Mac by visiting 'How to Upgrade' via the Apple Support page. 

We are currently not compatible with Windows OS. If you received a code and do not have a supported platform, please reach out to your WB Contact for assistance. 

If your Mac system meets the minimum OS requirements, downloading the WM Screeners app is quick and easy!


  • Navigate to the WM Screeners site and click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button from your Desktop/laptop. 
    • You can also press the Apple logo on the WM Screeners download page or search for WM Screeners via your app store. 
  • Once you click to download, it will direct to the WM Screeners App page via the app store. You may see a prompt from your browser or system which asks if you would like to open the link in your app store. Clicking on either button will help redirect you to the link via the app store. 
  • In the app store and on the WM Screeners app page, press GET then press INSTALL (note: this app is free to download).
    • If you are not signed into your iCloud or Mac store-- you will be prompted to enter in your iCloud login info. Once your mac info is entered, the app will resume downloading.  If you are already signed into your app store, you will not see these prompts and the download will begin once initiated. 

  • When the GET/INSTALL button changes to OPEN, this indicates the app has completed downloading. You can now press OPEN and you will see the WM Screeners App icon appear in your tray at the bottom of your mac. You can also search for WM Screeners using the spotlight search which will also reveal the option to open the app. 
  • Once you open the app, you will be greeted with the Desktop login page where you may enter the credentials (code or email/password) that was confirmed for your access.

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