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Is the WM Screeners (WBTVD) App Smart TV compatible?
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The WM Screeners App (WBTVD) is compatible with the following Cast-Enabled Smart TV's:


  • Chromecast enabled Smart TV's (known as "Chromecast built-in")
  • Roku enabled Smart TV's. 


For Chromecast Enabled Smart TV's-  Visit our WBTVD Knowledge Base and search 'Chromecast'

For further troubleshooting,  we recommend visiting Google's Chromecast Built-In Help Center .


For Roku Enabled Smart TV's:  Visit the Roku Channel Store and search 'WBTVD Screeners'


We are not compatible with Amazon Firestick at this time. 


If your Smart TV is not Chromecast or Roku Enabled, we apologize for any inconvenience. You are welcome to use the WBTVD portal via your computer's web browser by visiting:

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